A Few of the Faces of USNA Out

With over 280 "Out" U. S. Naval Academy alumni, we know that our stories and experiences vary greatly. To put a real face on who we, the LGBT Alumni really are, many USNA Out Members have shared their stories and experiences in personal biographies here at USNA Out. As your company mates, your classmates, your shipmates, the one thing we all have in common is that our experiences at USNA have forever shaped our lives.

We have also included the biographies of some LGBT alumni who were outstanding service members and citizens who have “gone before us.”

Please read our through our stories to learn more about who we, the LGBT alumni of the US Naval Academy really are.

Brian Bender '93 Brian Wiechowski ’97 Mike Engler ’75 Jeff Morrison ’04 Gina Martyn ’94
Oscar is for OUT Erik M. Schmidt '04 Glen Davis ’76 Oscar is for OUT Linda ’Postie’ Postenrieder ’82
Oscar is for OUT Franklin McNeil ’83 Frederick W. “Fritz” Smith ’87 Steve Clark Hall ’75 Oscar is for OUT
Anthony F. Chiffolo ’81 Eric Shangle ’97 René Puliatti '85 Oscar is for OUT Jeff Petrie ’89
Oscar is for OUT Nan Russell '86 Oscar is for OUT Greer Puckett ’75 Oscar is for OUT
Ward Olivete ’95 Skip Muller ’96 Oscar is for OUT Randy Henderson ’69 Leon Ray Ingleright IV '97
Robyn Walters ’60 Robert Green ’65 Lou Adissi ’88 Oscar is for OUT Curt Mueller ’93
Braxton Sisco ’95 Larry Wood '86 Ralph Brunson '81 Jim McGuire '88 Heather Davies '93
Oscar is for OUT Oscar is for OUT Paul Culver ’74 Oscar is for OUT Joe Soto '83

LGBT Alumni Profile Pages

Jeffrey J Morrison ’04
Erik Schmidt '04

Leon Ray Ingleright IV ’97
Eric Shangle ’97
Brian Wiechowski ’97
Skip Muller ’96
Ward Olivete ’95
Braxton Sisco ’95
Gina Martyn ’94
Curt Mueller ’93
Brian Bender ’93
Heather Davies ’93

Jeff Petrie ’89
Lou Adissi ’88
James Richard Maguire ’88
Frederick W. “Fritz” Smith ’87
Larry Wood ’86
Nan Russell ’86
René Puliatti ’85
Joe Soto ’83
Franklin Nathaniel McNeil, Jr. ’83
Linda “Postie” Postenrieder ’82
Ralph Brunson ’81
Anthony F. Chiffolo ’81

Glen Davis ’76
Mike Engler ’75
Steve Clark Hall ’75
Greer Puckett ’75
Paul Culver ’74

Randall Henderson ’69
Robert Green ’65
Robyn Walters ’60

Additionally, some of our passed members have stories on this site. These profiles are also linked in the page.

Frederick W. “Fritz” Smith USNA ’87 (3/18/2014)
William Todd Park USNA ’85 (12/16/13)
Vernon Edward “Copy” Berg USNA ’74 (1/27/99)
John Nickolas “RIP” Fliszar USNA ’71 (7/17/2010)
Hubert G “Hubie” Dorsett USNA ’66 (1/29/2010)
Glynn Compton Harper USNA ’58 (1/13/2010)
Edward "Buddy" Lange USNA ’46 (2/1/2013)

Faculty & Staff and Allies

Todd S. Garth, Languages and Cultures Department

Oscar is for OUT Oscar is for OUT Oscar is for OUT Oscar is for OUT

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