Robyn Walters

Robyn Walters '60

Robyn Walters

USNA ’60


Dr. Robyn Walters is a postoperative male to female transsexual. She began her conscious journey relatively late in life, although she can trace her transgender roots back as far as age nine. She has been legally married to wonderful man since 2000. She and her husband live on Maui.

Dr. Walters graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1960 and served 20 years as a naval engineer involved with submarine and surface ship design and construction. She earned a naval engineering PhD from MIT in 1971 and taught engineering subjects part time at MIT and at Northeastern University night school while on active duty. She retired as a Commander after 20 years and has spent the past 34 years as a contractor supporting the Navy in a successful ship maintenance improvement project. Now semi-retired, she devotes some of her time and attention to moderating several transgender news lists, writing, editing, and supporting the transgender community through various national and international support and advocacy groups.

Robyn is a member of USNA Out because she is proud of the contributions made by GLBT service members and realizes that no one should be forced to live in a closet or a lingerie drawer.

Please feel free to contact Robyn here at USNA Out.