6/29/2012 - Steve & Paul’s Frameline 37 Film Festival Favorites

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Editors' Note

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What does USNA Out have to do with the film festivals? Not much, other than our own film OUT of ANNAPOLIS had its West Coast Premeir at Frameline 34 and did the full LGBT film festival circuit, and we know firsthand how films can change lives and minds.

This year’s festival at Frameline got off to a great start and that strength continued through the festival A few films that we can strongly recommend for our USNA LGBT audiences because of how they can relate so some of our members..

Our Festival Favorites

Free Fall (Freier Fall) -Narrative feature - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2617828 - Two men attend the Police Academy together, and later end up in the same precinct. As their forbidden love progresses, their lives become more and more intertwined and difficult, especially as one is the father of a newborn and has to explain his inattention to his wife, who suspects something is not quite right in their relationship.

Substitute Police Academy for Naval Academy and US Navy or Marine Corps for Baden-Württemberg police, and this is the story of many of our members. This show demonstrates how continuing to live against your sexual desires results in hurting a lot of people, particularly those whom you love the most in life.

(In German with English subtitles, gratuitous tobacco abuse)

The Out List (HBO) -Documentary - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2617828 - High profile members of today's LGBTQ community reveal their struggles and triumphs of being "Out" in America. A well done documentary that has much to which many of our USNA Out member will be able to relate.

This film was televised on HBO beginning on Thursday, June 27th.

Burning Blue Written in 1992 by DMW Greer USNA '80, a former Naval Aviator, the stage play of Burning Blue premiered to great critical acclaim on the London Fringe at the King’s Head Theater in early 1995 before transferring to The Theatre Royal Haymarket on the West End where the production received two Olivier Awards. Since then, it has been seen by more than 100,000 people in multiple productions around the world from Tel Aviv to Paris. Drawn from the Author's life, this funny, deeply compelling and tragic love story set against the backdrop of the US Navy was shot entirely in New York City.

Film website: http://www.burningbluefilm.com/
Film teaser: http://vimeo.com/36794000
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1811307/
Film director DMW Greer Bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMW_Greer

Written and directed by USNA Alum David Greer and a leading role played by USNA Alum Rob Moyes '08.

Festival Award Winners

Juried Awards

Best Documentary:

Winner: Valentine Road.
Honorable Mention: Big Joy
Honorable Mention: The New Black

Wells Fargo Juried First Feature Award ($7,500)
Winner: "Out in the Dark"
Special Mention: Compassion

Audience Favorite Awards

Short: dik
Documentary: The New Black
Feature: Reaching for the Moon

The is the second year that we have provide a report from the Frameline Festival. See our review of Films at Frameline 36.


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Festival Favorites

Fun In Boys Shorts - On the second day of the festival the highlight was the mens' shorts programs, one of the strongest in years. These eight films are usually the best of the fest whose theme is their comedic or touching content. While none of the films relate directly to USNA Out members, they are all hilarious. The one with the most relevance is P.D.A. which has probably been something that if you haven't been faced with you have at least thought about. Of course before the fall of DADT, was only a theoretical possibility even when you were out of uniform. While the movie spends a good bit of time discussing the desires and reluctance of the boyfriends to hold hands in public, the surprise twist at the end leaves everyone with a smile. Frequently Frameline releases Boys Shorts on DVD. You should look for it this year. I also agree with Steve's review of Free Fall above. The best full length feature so far of the festival.

Paul Culver '74