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Changing Minds & Lives of Alumni & Midshipmen

We are the association of proud United States Naval Academy alumni who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender joined by our supporters and friends. As one of the more organized groups of Academy alumni, we strive to provide a path for “reconnection” to the many GLBT USNA alumni who have over time been disassociated from the Academy and the USNA Alumni Association because of their sexuality or gender identity. We also are dedicated to doing our part to support the mission of the Academy to strengthen the margin of excellence in the development and training of our nation's future leaders, particularly to ensure the dignity and respect of all who serve.

We understand the various phases and levels of being “out” .. first to yourself, then perhaps close friends, peers, parents, your professors and coach, your wardroom, to your division or squad, your office or to the world. Despite “Out” in our name, you don’t need to be out to join us. What matters is that you are you. Some of our members are still questioning, and many members are allies. Some registered members have opted to remain hidden from other members on our roster, but still have full access to our site and communications. USNA Out welcomes all USNA Alumni and other eligible individuals to join us. If you are not yet ready to join as a member, you can still take comfort in knowing that there are many other alumni & midshipmen just like you.

If you are one of us, you can JOIN THE NETWORK OF OVER 300 LGBT ALUMNI AND ALLIES. Membership is open to all alumni of USNA. Associate Membership is available to USNA Faculty and Staff, Midshipmen and Parents of current and former midshipmen.

5/28/2013 - USNA Out Welcomes the Class of 2017

USNA Out has sent our "Welcome" to the LGB appointees to the USNA Class of 2017. Out members can read about our welcoming gesture to 2017 in the members pages of our site. You will be asked for your log in credentials to access the story.

5/3/2013 - Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) at USNA

USNA Out members, read the latest status of Shared Interest Groups (SIGs aka "Affinity Groups") in a special report to USNA Out members. You will be asked to log in to access the report.

The 2013 USNA Out Congratulatory Dinner

With great thanks to alumni, this event was fully funded allowing midshipmen to attend at no-cost. All USNA Out members are encouraged to make an annual contribution to USNA Out. Please see http://usnaout.org/giving

USNA Out members, please click the invitation from the Class of 2013 to visit the details page of our fifth annual midshipmen's congratulatory dinner. The website will ask for your log in credentials if you are not already logged into our website.

For USNA Alumni, faculty & staff and parents who are not already members of USNA Out, please register with us here at USNA Out to access the members only portions of our website.

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Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

29 December 2012


USNA Midshipmen vs.
Arizona State Sun Devils
Saturday, 29 December 2012
1:00 pm (PST)
AT&T Park
San Francisco

USNA Out members, see details of our friday evening welcome to SF buffet dinner events at the bottom of the event page

You must buy your wristband for the pre-game tailgate online at by 7pm EST (4 PM PACIFIC) Saturday, 22 December. Buy your wristbands online at http://www.navyonline.com

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter also told chapter members in an email that wristbands also available for purchase at the Westin St. Francis Hotel on December 27th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and December 28th, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Celebrate the end of the year in San Francisco at the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

USNA Out members will be participating in the myriad of events leading up to the game. Additionally, will be having a "Welcome to San Francisco" reception on Friday evening at 19:00 followed by dinner at 20:00 at the home of a USNA Out member easily accessible on public transit. Details on the event page.

In addition to other possible opportunities to get together, USNA Out members willbe joining the Brigade and the other USNA Alumni at the "world's largest tailgate" that precedes the game at AT&T Park.

To buy tickets for the game: Navy Sports

Read more members only details on the EVENT PAGE

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San Francisco Meet & Greet

The USNA Out Board of Directors is holding an in person meeting this weekend in San Francisco and Chairman Brian Bender and the rest of the board would like to invite all USNA Out members to an informal get together this Friday evening November 9th before the meeting starts on Saturday. This is an opportunity for all our local members or anyone in the area to meet the

Friday 11/09/12

Board and other alumni from the Bay Area, relax, socialize and celebrate day three of no political ads. Please see the details below and if you are coming please RSVP Paul Culver so he can make sure no one goes home hungry.

We would like to welcome all of our guests to San Francisco with a cocktail hour and an informal stand up dinner to be held at Paul Culver's house to start off our get together. This should give everyone time to relax, adjust time zones, and reacquaint yourselves with some folks you probably haven't seen in a long time and possibly will be meeting for the first time. The get together will be here:http://goo.gl/maps/0B3w2. The address is 360 Church Street, Apt. B, San Francisco, 94114

What is currently planned is:

18:30 - 20:00 Cocktails and Conversation
20:00 - 21:00 Informal buffet dinner
20:30 - Discussion of meeting protocol, agenda, priorities and goals
9:00 - Open

After dinner everyone is more than welcome to stay and have another drink or two if they like. Anyone interested in going to clubs will find that they are all within walking distance. There is one wine bar in the Castro for those who might like a quiet place where you can have a drink and also a conversation. Since it is Friday night most of the other bars will be loud and busy.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday.

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8/23/2012 - USNA Spectrum is “Official”

spectrum logo prototype

USNA Out got word today that per COMDTMIDINST 1710.14H signed 8/23/2012, the the NAVY Spectrum has been approved as an official Extracurricular Activity (ECA) at the United States Naval Academy. As a newly approved ECA, the Spectrum does not yet appear in the online listing of ECAs at USNA. Per timelines established by academy directives governing ECAs at USNA, this approval came at the first possible opportunity subsequent to the fall of DADT.

NAVY SPECTRUM is now an official ECA at the USNA designed to promote healthy working relationships amongst gay, straight, lesbian, and bisexual service members while also providing a safe environment for communication. No other ECA at the Naval Academy focuses on gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues specifically. As graduates of the Naval Academy as future naval officers and officers of Marines, Midshipmen will benefit by understanding how to deal with such matters and by setting the example in the fleet for others to follow. USNA Spectrum is the third such organization to be approved at a service academy, following the approvals of the USCGA Spectrum in December 2011 and the USAFA Spectrum in April.

Although USNA Out strongly supports the mission and objectives of this ECA, there is no official connection between USNA Out and the Spectrum ECA at the US Naval Academy.

Historical updates:

  • 20 September 2011 - the era and policies known as “Don't Ask, Don't Tell”end.
  • 31 Dec 2011 - cadets at the United States Coast Guard Academy established the first gay-straight alliance at a U.S. military service academy.
  • 16 Apr 2012 - proposal for Spectrum ECA received by Commandant's office as part of the annual process for implementing new ECA's at USNA.
  • May 2012 - USAFA Spectrum approved by USAFA administration.
  • 29 May 2012 - SECDEF Leon Panetta addresses the Brigade, the graduating class of 2012 and their family and friends, and describes the diversity of the Class of 2012: “You are men and women from every state in the Union and 12 foreign nations, rich and poor, secular and religious, black, white, Latino, Native American, Asian, straight and gay.”
  • 23 Aug 2012 - COMDTMIDINST 1710.14H approves the proposed ECA

A direct web link to USNA Spectrum will be provided once website is established at USNA.edu. For those wishing to send their personal congratulations to the USNA Spectrum, you may leave a personal post on the USNA Out Facebook Page


Make a gift designated to USNA Spectrum TODAY!

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10/5-10/7/2012 - Navy/Air Force Football Weekend in Colorado Springs

The Blue-Alliance has once again extended an invitation for us at USNA Out to join them for a weekend of fun, football and festivities.

Members, please Log in to read extended details of the event

USNA Out members can register for the post-game event online at event registration page

If you need tickets for the football game, please read the members only details.

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7/30/2012 - New York Sneak Preview of "Burning Blue"

Editors' Note
The views expressed in this news story are those of the author. USNA Out does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other information provided.

The Marquis on the SVA Theater

What a great evening in New York! Six of us members of USNA Out from the classes of '80 to 2000 and our guests were able to attend a sneak preview of the film Burning Blue on Monday, July 30th at SVA Silas Theatre in New York City. This is the same theater where Out of Annapolis had its world premier in 2010.

USNA Alumnus, playwright and film director David Greer '80, invited USNA Out members in the NY/northeast area to attend this preview screening of his upcoming film Burning Blue. The preview was also a fundraiser for two other organizations, Athlete Ally and Freedom to Marry.

The poster

About the film

Before “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” became law, before Brokeback Mountain was a Short Story, Burning Blue was a Stage Play being performed in cities around the world. Twenty years later Burning Blue is finally an independent film.

Written in 1992 by DMW Greer USNA '80, a former Naval Aviator, the stage play of Burning Blue premiered to great critical acclaim on the London Fringe at the King’s Head Theater in early 1995 before transferring to The Theatre Royal Haymarket on the West End where the production received two Olivier Awards. Since then, it has been seen by more than 100,000 people in multiple productions around the world from Tel Aviv to Paris. Drawn from the Author's life, this funny, deeply compelling and tragic love story set against the backdrop of the US Navy was shot entirely in New York City.

A Q&A panel followed the film

After the screening, there was a Q&A panel discussion about the film. Stay tuned to word about when the film may come to a film festival near you.

Cast consists of Trent Ford (Gosford Park), Rob Mayes (John), William Lee Scott (October Sky), Chris Chalk(News Room), Tammy Blanchard (Moneyball) and many more.

More about the film:

Film website: http://www.burningbluefilm.com/
Film teaser: http://vimeo.com/36794000
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1811307/
Film director DMW Greer Bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMW_Greer

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6/29/2012 - Steve & Paul’s Frameline 36 Film Festival Favorites

What does USNA Out have to do with the film festivals? Not much, other than our own film OUT of ANNAPOLIS had its West Coast Premeir at Frameline 34 and did the full LGBT film festival circuit, and we know firsthand how films can change lives and minds.

This year’s festival at Frameline was another good one. Only a few films caught our attention that we could jump up and down about them. None of the films we screened had any direct or indirect academy or alumni link.

Here are a few of our favorites that we think other USNA Out members might find interesting and we would encourage you to try to fiind a venue near you where you, too, can see some of these important, enlightening or fun films.

Important films to see

Vito - and HBO Documentary about Vito Russo. Russo was the author of the book The Celluloid Closet which became an academy award winning Documentary film. Although this film's intent is to document the life Vito Russo, it is the other stories told which were part of the histories

If you are under 30 and want to get a better understanding on how and why your parents think of gays and lesbians in the way that they do, this film will help you get an appreciation of how the media availble to your parents’ generation so formed their views of who we are.

Vito will be shown on HBO on

The 2012 festival Favorites

Best Documentary: Call Me Kintu
If you think you’ve had it bad being LGBT here in the US, imagine living as a sexual minority in Uganda, where there have been several attempts to outlaw being LGBT to the extent that parents must turn in their own children within hours of learning their child's sexual identity or also face punishment. This documentary film is so powerful that we expect to be seeing it go far in the world of film.

Best Feature: Cloudburst

Best Short Film: Tsuyako
In Japanese with English subtitles

Juried Best Documentary: The Invisible Men

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5/19/2012 – An All New World - the Class of 2013 Ring Dance

Dancing in Dahlgren Hall
(photo courtesy Lucky Bag)

2012 was not the first year for same-sex couples to attend the Naval Academy Ring Dance, but those who attended in the years past, before the repeal of the law known as “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” only did so “flying under the radar.”

At least seven second class midshipmen amongst those who already identity as gay or lesbian in the class of 2013 attended this year's event in Dahlgren Hall. They were joined by members of the USNA Class of '63, their “link in the chain.”

11th Company on a Yard walkabout
before the Naval Academy Ring Dance

Take a look at a typical company pre-dance photograph to the right. What is so delightful to behold in this the otherwise typical company photo is that one couple is really no different than the others, unimaginable acceptance a generation ago.

There is more to learn about the evening. USNA Out members, please log in to read a first hand account of this wonderful evening shared by one of the members from the class of 2013 who attended the dance with his civilian boyfriend. As one of the same sex couples to openly attend their Ring Dance with their “link in the chain” Class of '63, they are fulfill the USNA Out mission of “changing lives and minds of alumni and midshipmen.”

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upcoming 8/26/2012 - Annapolis 10 Miler

USNA Out members please log in for our members only information about this event.

Annapolis 10M 2008

USNA Out at the Annapolis
Ten Mile Run in 2008

Registration began 1 May for the Annapolis 10 Mile run.

Direct weblink to the registration pages: http://annapolisstriders.org/2012/a10/a102012infoA.htm

Since this is a great race registration fills up usually within 10 days, so sign ASAP once registration begins. It is well supported from the race directors, the town of Annapolis and the mids. The shirt for the finishers looks great and worth the price of running 10 miles. (Check out our jackets--festive!)

USNA Out members, please log in for our members only information and let me know when you do register or if you would like to participate in a supporting role as cheerleader or tailgater.

More information about this race is on the Annapolis Striders website.

See you in Annapolis,

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4/15/2012 - Naval Academy LGBT Alumni Honor Class of 2012

April 15, 2012

Naval Academy LGBT Alumni Honor Class of 2012

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Ninety-four U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) alumni, midshipmen and their guests gathered here Saturday to recognize alumni and midshipmen accomplishments over the last year, commemorating seven months since repeal of the law commonly known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

Thirty-one midshipmen of all four classes and their guests attended, along with 34 members of USNA Out – the LGBT organization of U.S. Naval Academy alumni. Sixteen of the midshipmen are seniors, who will graduate on May 29 and be the first class at Annapolis to graduate under the new policy that now allows gay, lesbian and bisexual military members to serve without fear of discharge. The new policy became effective in September 2011, a few weeks after classes resumed for the year at the academy.

Senior LGBT midshipmen who are USNA Out members organized the annual event, a tradition which began in 2009. Naval Academy faculty and staff members and representatives of the Naval Academy Alumni Association also attended at the invitation of the midshipmen. During the event, the midshipmen met with LGBT USNA alumni from classes spanning six decades, including active duty and retired officers. The dinner was hosted at the residence of an USNA Out member who resides in the Annapolis area.

Throughout the event, alumni offered their insights about the exciting careers the senior midshipmen will soon commence and also encouraged all of the midshipmen to do their best in preparing to serve as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Following the traditional cutting of the cake by the most senior and most junior members present (Classes of 1961 and 2015), a USNA Chaplain gave the keynote address reminding the graduating class to apply their Naval Academy training when they enter the Fleet and of their unique responsibilities as leaders in the Navy. An alumnus then presented each senior with Navy ensign insignia to wear following commissioning. The insignia will symbolically remind recent graduates serving the nation that the LGBT alumni stand behind them with pride. The evening closed with a singing of the Naval Academy alma mater “Navy Blue and Gold,” led by past and present members of the Naval Academy Glee Club in attendance.

As part of the dinner, USNA Out Chairman of the Board Brian Bender, of New York (USNA Class of 1993), announced to those in attendance a group unrestricted donation of $2,500 from USNA Out to the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation. “As part of USNA Out’s discussion about our goals for 2012, our board of directors sought to identify how we as LGBT alumni could give back to the academy,” said Bender. “When we surveyed our members, they strongly supported an unrestricted gift to the Naval Academy Foundation.” Bender served for six years as a submarine officer after graduating from USNA. He has been a USNA Out member since its founding in 2003 and its chairman of the board since 2009.

Since 2005, individual USNA Out members have donated more than $100,000 in private contributions directly to the USNA Foundation. According to Bender, “Even before DADT’s repeal, many USNA Out members individually supported our alma mater because we believed in its special mission to provide leaders for the Naval Service and the nation. Their donations and those like USNA Out’s help fund school programs that provide a margin of excellence beyond what the government provides. And with the repeal of DADT, I anticipate more LGBT alumni will rejuvenate their relationships with USNA, their classmates and other alumni. For the vast majority of alumni, USNA played a significant role in our lives. This donation is our organization’s way to give back - supporting the Brigade of Midshipmen, USNA’s talented faculty and this national institution.”

“This year we saw a significant increase in midshipmen interest and participation, particularly from the graduating class,” said USNA Out Executive Director retired Cdr. Steve Hall, of San Francisco (USNA Class of 1975). Hall added, “This year we saw twice as many seniors compared to last year’s event. We directly attribute this to the repeal of DADT. According to the feedback we have received from our midshipmen members, gay and lesbian midshipmen feel more comfortable and no longer must separate their personal identity from their professional identity. They now can singularly focus on being good junior officers in the fleet like all of their classmates. We think that’s good for USNA, the Navy and Marine Corps, and the country on many levels.” Hall served on active duty for 20 years and commanded two nuclear powered attack submarines during his Navy career.

USNA Out officials report that DADT repeal appears to be going without incident for alumni on active duty and for midshipmen at the academy. According to Bender, “The overwhelming feedback from our alumni out in the fleet is that repeal has been implemented without problems and in those instances where gay and lesbian alumni have told shipmates, there hasn’t been a problem. I think that’s what we expected. Sailors and Marines judge our alumni based on their performance, not their orientation.”

Hall added, “Likewise, our midshipmen report that the DADT repeal has gone smoothly at USNA as well. Many midshipmen have shared with me stories wherein they or someone they knew came out to classmates and to members of their companies. I am not aware that any have faced negative responses. In fact, some received very positive reactions from their heterosexual friends who were supportive of their decision. While I think some of the gay and lesbian mids were initially hesitant to see how DADT repeal would go, they also remind me through their words and actions that for many of this current generation, they and their heterosexual classmates are comfortable with this issue. For most of them, it’s simply not an issue.”

USNA Out is an independent organization established in August 2003 following discussions by various groups of LGBT alumni about how they could become more involved as alumni of the Naval Academy. The group organized as a 501(c)(3) in late 2009.

USNA Out currently has 285 members, including 73 active duty alumni serving in the fleet. USNA Out currently counts more than 40 midshipmen identifying as gay, lesbian or bisexual at the Naval Academy, with 34 members who are official members of USNA Out. Bender added, “We know there are more gay, lesbian and bisexual midshipmen simply based on the demographics of the Naval Academy, which draws students from the population of the U.S at-large. However, identifying as LGBT is a personal decision based on many factors, some of which are unrelated to USNA or the repeal of DADT. Regardless, we as LGBT alumni have and will continue to be there to support them. The repeal of DADT makes that easier.”

USNA Out’s mission and objectives are available at www.usnaout.org/mission. For more information about USNA Out, visit www.usnaout.org or email pao@usnaout.org.

--USNA Out--

The 2012 USNA Out Annual Awards Dinner

USNA Out members, please click the invitation from the Class of 2012 to visit the details page of the fourth annual midshipmen's dinner. The website will ask for your log in credentials if you are not already logged into our website.

For USNA Alumni, faculty & staff and parents who are not already members of USNA Out, please register with us here at USNA Out to access the members only portions of our website.

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3/3/2012 - March eNewsletter Published

USNA Out members should all have received the December eNewsletter via email. If you missed this edition or inadvertently deleted it, USNA Out members can find a link to the latest edition under the Members Tab when logged in.

If you aren't yet a member of USNA Out and are eligible to join us, please register so that you can get the latest news from USNA Out.

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2012 - USNA Out and the USNA Foundation

USNA Out members,

The first objective of our group is to become visible to alumni, midshipmen, classmates, other officers, and the public. To achieve that objective, we have long considered the value of increased visibility from donating to the Naval Academy Foundation. A USNA Out goal in 2011 was to make a Foundation to Foundation gift at the President’s Circle level ($2,500). Through the generosity of our members and significant efforts of a few to secure corporate grants, we raised enough funds to support our operations and make a gift to the USNA Foundation a reality.

A Foundation to Foundation gift is a significant step for our organization and you, the members, will determine how we proceed. That is why I am asking each of you to vote on whether or not USNA Out should make a donation and (if yes) what initiative we should fund.

Your perspective as a member is important. You can read the previous membership discussions open to all USNA Out members at http://usnaout.org/2012-usna-foundation-membership. In addition, you can read “Pro” and “Con" positions on this page.

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