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Changing Minds & Lives of Alumni & Midshipmen

We are the association of proud United States Naval Academy alumni who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender joined by our supporters and friends. As one of the more organized groups of Academy alumni, we strive to provide a path for “reconnection” to the many GLBT USNA alumni who have over time been disassociated from the Academy and the USNA Alumni Association because of their sexuality or gender identity. We also are dedicated to doing our part to support the mission of the Academy to strengthen the margin of excellence in the development and training of our nation's future leaders, particularly to ensure the dignity and respect of all who serve.

We understand the various phases and levels of being “out” .. first to yourself, then perhaps close friends, peers, parents, your professors and coach, your wardroom, to your division or squad, your office or to the world. Despite “Out” in our name, you don’t need to be out to join us. What matters is that you are you. Some of our members are still questioning, and many members are allies. Some registered members have opted to remain hidden from other members on our roster, but still have full access to our site and communications. USNA Out welcomes all USNA Alumni and other eligible individuals to join us. If you are not yet ready to join as a member, you can still take comfort in knowing that there are many other alumni & midshipmen just like you.

If you are one of us, you can JOIN THE NETWORK OF OVER 300 LGBT ALUMNI AND ALLIES. Membership is open to all alumni of USNA. Associate Membership is available to USNA Faculty and Staff, Midshipmen and Parents of current and former midshipmen.
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11/11/09 Petaluma Veteran's Day Parade viewing

USNA Out meets the Brigade Staff

Petaluma art gallery owners Donna(L)
and USNA Out's Linda receiving the
Small Business of the Year award from
State Senator Mark Leno.

Last year, 2008 a few USNA Out members collected at the Pelican Art Gallery on a beautiful day in Petaluma to enjoy the annual Veteran's Day Parade. It is a very sweet event in the San Francisco North Bay that draws veterans and their families from around the Bay Area. USNA Out member Linda Postenrieder and

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Class Reunion Increases Out Membership

The Class of ‘74 held their 35th (OMG!!) Reunion the weekend of October 2-4, 2009 in Annapolis. I was able to meet fellow USNA Outer, Larry Olson and spend some time getting to know more about each other. During the course of the conversation we were able to identify three additional classmates who should be members of our organization. Unfortunately one is posthumous as not everyone survived the worst part of the ongoing AIDS epidemic. The other two are going unnamed until they have a chance to decide whether they would like to join our group or not. One was in attendance and I had the opportunity to talk for a few minutes and we’ve followed up by email since then. It turns out that he dated for a number of years, a man in my condo complex. Even though he often visited the building next to mine, we never knew about each other. I’m reminded regularly that we live in a small world. With the three newly identified gay classmates, ‘74 is behind only the very swishy class of ‘75 as the class of the 70s with the most gay members.

In other respects it was a typical reunion. Cocktail hours where you need name tags to identify who these old strangers are, lots of recounting of old sea stories and laughs, a successful football game against Air Force and a required trip to the Mid Store. For those of you who really miss Bancroft, you could set up your own memorial room complete with an issue bedspread, b-robe, laundry bags, and even that huge safety pin you were issued. I didn’t go that far, but I do now have plebe issue PT gear that I will enjoy wearing to the gym here at home as opposed to when I wore it to PEP with Heinz Lentz at 0630 every morning.

I was somewhat apprehensive about going to the reunion. I am comfortably out and honest if I get asked about my orientation, but I haven’t interacted with classmates very much and had only told one companymate that I stay in contact with. That pleasantly turned out to be a non-event for me. He is now a History Professor at USNA and I was able to sit in on one of his classes which I really enjoyed. I can’t say how it will turn out for you because my experience is limited. I didn’t get asked directly about my situation but I did get the impression it would not be an issue for most of the people I talked to. Another classmate is testing the waters coming out to his companymates and so far they have been very supportive. I think you can expect the same.

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10/4/2009 - Fraudulent “Gay Annapolis Grad” update

Today the Denver Post reported that Rick Glen Strandlof, a former mental patient who posed as a wounded Marine captain and graduate of the US Naval Academy, is being prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act for making claims he received a Purple Heart.


On June 8th, an article appeared on page 10 of The New York Times about Richard G. Strandlof, who had for months taken on the identity of Rick Duncan, a gay Iraq war veteran who claimed to be a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy. Has has made other appearances such as on CNN's "AC360"


Some more basic facts as we knew them:

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9/10-9/12 2009 “President's Circle” Weekend

USNA Out meets the Brigade Staff

USNA Out members Brian Bender '93,
Steve Clark Hall '75 and Joe Soto '83
chat with the Brigade Staff

Three members of USNA Out -- Steve Clark Hall '75, Joe Soto '83 and Brian Bender '93 (all part of the Out of Annapolis gang) attended the USNA Foundation's 2009 “President's Circle” Weekend in Annapolis. This was the fourth straight year that USNA Out members have attended this special weekend hosted by the USNA Alumni Association and Foundation to recognize the generosity and support from alumni. USNA Out members who are logged onto this website can read a special USNA Out members only report of the weekend. We could not have felt more welcome by the Alumni Association Staff and

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8/30/2009 Annapolis 10 Miler

usna out members marching onto the white house

Joe Soto '83 with Barb
still dry before running the
Annapolis 10 Miler 8/30/2009

USNA Out was running around Annapolis this weekend. At the race itself we got VIP parking right in front of the stadium for the tailgater. Smokin' Joe ran a 76 and I had a PR of 1:46 despite the heat and humidity. Duh, it is August in Annapolis.

The day began with a power outage as I was putting in my contact lenses. (My fellow myopes-try putting them in by moonlight next time--it ain't easy.) The weather at the start was 75 degrees and overcast--just a tease. At mile 3 (for me) the sunglasses went on as the sun beat down and cranked up the temps on King George St. The eventual winner blew past everybody (even the pace car at one point) and won by a 5 minute margin in 49 minutes. I saw him go by as we were on the bridge. Me at mile 4 and he at mile 8. Young whipper-snappers. The ice cold towels and the finisher's shirts at the end are the best. Thanks to Jeff, MC and Kap who woke up early and rooted us on.

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6/28/2009 - USNA Out members join Knights Out in SF Pride Parade

eirc shangle '97 & jim maguire '88

USNA Out leading the contingent

On Sunday June 28th 2009, the 40th anniversary of the historic Stonewall Riots, history was made once again as, for the first time, a service academy GLBT alumni group marched proudly and openly as an official contingent in a gay pride parade. Three members of USNA Out (Jim Maguire ’88, Eric Shangle ’97 and Greer Puckett ’75) were among the 35 total members, family and allies of Knights Out, West Point’s GLBT alumni organization, who marched up Market Street during Sunday morning’s San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

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6/27/2009 - Some USNA Outers Join in March to the White House

usna out members marching onto the white house

Jeff Petrie '89
and Trey Rhiddlehoover '89,
pose with other gay service
academy alumni at
Farragut Square 6/27/2009

Although most, if not all, of the USNA Out members want to see an early end to the outdated, cruel and harmful "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Policy, political activism is not within the primary mission of this alumni group. We are here for the support of each other and those who follow our footsteps as Midshipmen and Officers in the US Navy and Marine Corps.

As of June 27, 2009 there have been an estimated 265 LGBT discharges from the military since President Barack Obama took office. That equates to about two discharges per day. Eight USNA Out members were there the march to remind the Commander-in-Chief of his promise to change the policy that hurts our military and damages our nation's international reputation. See Trey Rhiddlehoover '89, and Jeff Petrie '89 in the image taken with other gay service academy alumni in Farragut Square in downtown Washington, where the march began.

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6/1/2009 USNA Out at the Annapolis 10 Miler

Annapolis 10M 2008

USNA Out at the Annapolis
10 Mile Race in 2008

Registration is open for the Annapolis 10 Miler. http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?CHECKSSO=0&EVENT_ID=1724870 Since this is a great race registration fills up usually within 10 days, so sign up right now. It is well supported from the race directors, the town of Annapolis and the mids. The shirt for the finishers looks great and worth the price of running 10 miles. (Check out our jackets--festive!)

Please let me know when you do register or if you would like to participate in a supporting role as cheerleader or tailgater.

See you in Annapolis,

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5/22/2009 - USNA Class of 2009 Graduation & Commissioning

USNA Out at Graduation

USNA Out at Graduation
Joe Soto '83, Jeff Petrie '89
Frank McNeil '83, Reeta Whitney '82
and Skip Muller '96

It was truly an honor for 25 USNA Out members, partners, and friends to attend the graduation ceremony for the Naval Academy's Class of 2009. Because it is difficult to put this intense experience to words, I will let the images will speak for themselves.

Read more and see more

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3/11-3/16 2009 USNA Out Week in DC

It was a VERY busy week for USNA Out members in DC & Annapolis. Check back soon for posted reports and photos and perhaps a few videos of the weeks events.

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1/29/2009 - “Out of Annapolis” Documentary Film Update

For the most recent update, please see the OUT of ANNAPOLIS page.

out of annapolis promo spot

Filming for the documentary “Out of Annapolis” began in late October 2008 on the Yard of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Filming of the individual participant interviews began in November, and by January, about fifty percent of the planned interviews have been filmed, primarily in locations along the Eastern Seaboard between Philadelphia and Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Producer Steve Clark Hall '75 will return

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12/5-12/7 2008 USNA Out at Army-Navy 2008

army-navy 2008

USNA Out members Eric Shangle '97,
Lee Ingleright '97, Jeff Petrie '89
Joe Soto '83, and Steve Clark Hall '75
at the SAGALA Army Navy Tailgater

Army-Navy Weekend 2008 will go down in military history as one of The Best Ever!

USNA Out members were joined by our fellow Alumni, friends and families from West Point, New London and Kings Point for a long weekend of festivities surrounding the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia.

USNA Out Members who are logged in as members can read more about this weekend from Jeff.

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10/30-11/1 2008 USNA Out Members Attend the "President's Circle Weekend"

USNA Out at the Navy-Temple game

USNA Out members Jeff Petrie '89
Joe Soto '83 & Eric Shangle '97
with SUPT VADM Fowler
USNA Alumni Assn photo by Debbie Latta

USNA Out at the Navy-Temple game

USNA Out members Jeff Petrie '89,
Joe Soto '83, Steve Clark Hall '75
USNA Out friend Thomas Strenge '97
USNA Alumni Assn photo by Debbie Latta

Four members of USNA Out -- Steve Clark Hall '75, Joe Soto '83, Eric Shangle '97 and Jeff Petrie '89, attended the USNA Foundation's 2008 President's Circle Weekend in Annapolis. In addition to an awesome comeback win by Navy over Temple in football, all four attendees agreed that we had a truly successful weekend and a great time!

This was the third straight year in which USNA Out Members attended the President's Circle Weekend events. Eric Shangle '97 and his classmate Thomas were the only two attendees who had graduated in the past 15 years. Because of our relative youth among the participants, USNA Out members stood "OUT" in the crowd.

USNA Out at the Navy-Temple game

USNA Out member Eric Shangle '97
with Classmate Thomas Strenge '97
at the Halloween reception in the
new Westly Brown Field House
USNA Alumni Assn photo by Debbie Latta

The events of the weekend serve to recognize and thank major donors the the USNA Foundation. The ambitious schedule included business meetings, cocktail receptions, tours of facilities, the final Fall Formal Dress Parade, and a delightful "Halloween Concert" in the chapel featuring the Naval Academy choruses performing to the accompaniment of the mighty M.P. Möller pipe organ.

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Lou Adissi's 20 Year Weekend

Lou Adissi '88 at his 20th

Lou Adissi '88 and
Deric Camarigg '88 at their
20th Reunion


Just a quick update on my 20 year Reunion held last week. First off we beat Rutgers. Go Navy!!! Not that I watched the game. My classmates and I were behind the scoreboard drinking like fish and catching up on 20 years.

I will say I was a little nervous going back being gay and all those fears were alleviated fast. Everyone knew and everyone was asking where my partner was. I was more aware that I was single than being the only gay guy there. Well it turns out I wasn't the only gay guy. Deric Camarigg was there, as seen in the photo.

This was my first reunion, and I will never miss one again. I can't wait for the 25th, and I recommend you do your best to attend your reunions. It brought back so many good memories and it was wonderful to see my buddies doing so well.

Lou '88

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8/24/2008 USNA Out at the Annapolis 10 Miler

annapolis 10 mile runners

USNA Out members
Heather Davies '93, Joe Soto '83
and Lindsay Hawkins '00 before the
Annapolis 10 mile race

Runners and cheerleaders spent a weekend in Annapolis USNA Out style! The race course is challenging but not impossible. (Don't let the hills spook you!) The race was one of the best organized and well-supported races in which I have participated. My admiration to the other runners, Joe, Heather and Lindsay who trained during a steamy hot summer. Thanks to Paula and Mel who put together the best tailgater complete with decorations. And thanks to Jeff and Trey who woke up early on a Sunday and unleashed their inner cheerleader.

Seeing the Yard through the eyes of others from USNA Out is incredibly enlightening and inspiring. I arrived back home with warm, wonderful memories and a stomach ache from all of the gut-busting laughter. I hope you all can join us one way or another next year. Here's a re-cap from the other USNA Out, Annapolis 10 Miler Finishers in their own words.

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