Celebrating our 14th Year

Changing Minds & Lives of Alumni & Midshipmen

We are the association of proud United States Naval Academy alumni who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender joined by our supporters and friends. As one of the more organized groups of Academy alumni, we strive to provide a path for “reconnection” to the many GLBT USNA alumni who have over time been disassociated from the Academy and the USNA Alumni Association because of their sexuality or gender identity. We also are dedicated to doing our part to support the mission of the Academy to strengthen the margin of excellence in the development and training of our nation's future leaders, particularly to ensure the dignity and respect of all who serve.

We understand the various phases and levels of being “out” .. first to yourself, then perhaps close friends, peers, parents, your professors and coach, your wardroom, to your division or squad, your office or to the world. Despite “Out” in our name, you don’t need to be out to join us. What matters is that you are you. Some of our members are still questioning, and many members are allies. Some registered members have opted to remain hidden from other members on our roster, but still have full access to our site and communications. USNA Out welcomes all USNA Alumni and other eligible individuals to join us. If you are not yet ready to join as a member, you can still take comfort in knowing that there are many other alumni & midshipmen just like you.

If you are one of us, you can JOIN THE NETWORK OF OVER 300 LGBT ALUMNI AND ALLIES. Membership is open to all alumni of USNA. Associate Membership is available to USNA Faculty and Staff, Midshipmen and Parents of current and former midshipmen.
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7/4/2008 - "Casting Call" for "Out of Annapolis"

For the most recent update, please see the OUT of ANNAPOLIS page.

It's a go! "Out Of Annapolis" will begin filming in November 2008. Leave it to a group of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual US Naval Academy alumni to put together a major team effort for producing a documentary film. The production staff will consist entirely of USNA Alumni and their partners.

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6/1/2008 USNA Out at the Annapolis 10 Miler - August 24th

How about a little motivation to stay in shape throughout the summer? USNA Out is recruiting you to run in the Annapolis 10 Miler at the end of August. If you are not a runner, then come out and be a cheerleader or a tailgate host. Jeff has already promised cosmos at the finish!

Check out the info page at: http://annapolisstriders.org/A10Info2008.htm (The finishers jacket is worth the price of running 10 miles)

Barb has looked into getting "USNA Out" micro fiber shirts printed for the event. Cost will depend on the quantity ordered but will be $20 or less. Even if you are not running or cheering and would like a shirt, let her know.

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5/8-5/9 2008 Naval Academy Admissions Outreach Conference

Ralph Brunson '81 and Jeff Petrie '89

Ralph Brunson '81 and Jeff Petrie '89
dining in King Hall

In early May 2008 the Naval Academy hosted its 10th Annual Admissions Outreach Conference. The title of this year's event was, "Diversity: Built on a Solid Foundation, Forging a Stronger Future." USNA Out members joined in on the discussion.

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4/11/2008 Campus Pride's LGBT-focused College Admissions Fair - UC San Diego

Mike Foye '81 and Stewart Bornhoft USMA '69

Campus Pride at US San Diego

USNA Out participated in the second-ever college admissions fair aimed at LGBT high schoolers at UC San Diego. For most of the 45 participating colleges -- such as Princeton University, Stanford University, Yale, Penn State, and UC San Diego -- the event was a perfect opportunity for them to advertise their fair and equal policies in recruiting the best and brightest of young gay Americans. USNA Out members attended to informed young gay Americans of the pros and cons of pursuing an appointment to a United States service academy.

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11/30 & 12/16/2007 - Second USNA Out "National Meeting" held in Annapolis & San Francisco

Left Coast Gang

Left Coast - Paul Culver '74,
Linda Postenrieder '82, Jeff Petrie '89 (seated)
Steve Clark Hall '75, Eric Shangle '97,
Greer Pucket '75, Joe Soto '83

The second USNA Out "National Meeting" was held on Army-Navy Friday, 30 November 2007 in Memorial Hall. Seven alumni were able to attend the a second "Left Coast Edition" of the national meeting held in San Francisco on Sunday, 16 December.

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9/27-9/29 2007 USNA Out Members Attend the "President's Circle Weekend"

Joe Soto '83 with Midshipmen leadership at the Superintendents Garden Party

Joe Soto '83 with some of the Midshipmen
attending the Superintendent's Garden Party

USNA Out members Joe Soto '83 and Steve Clark Hall '75 attended the USNA President's Circle Weekend events in Annapolis. This is the second President's Circle weekend where representatives from USNA Out have attended.

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9/20/2007 USNA Out at the LGBT History Society Gala

Left Coast Gang at the History Awards

Zoe Dunning '85, ??, Jeff Petrie '89
Greer Puckett'75 and Steve Clark Hall '75

Several USNA Out Members attended the LGBT Historical Society 2007 Gala. Zoe Dunning '85 accepted the "Walker Award" on behalf of the Service Members Legal Defense Network (SLDN).

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6/18/2007 - USNA Out Member Leads Fight to Maintain Rights in Oregon

Jim Maguire '88

Jim(r) with partner

The mission of the U. S. Naval Academy includes providing graduates who in mind and character can assume the highest responsibilities of citizenship and government. USNA Out Member Jim Maguire (on right in photo to left) has been fulfilling this role in Oregon as he fights for equal rights.

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6/15/2007 - USNA Out for All to See

Out at the Museum

Steve Clark Hall '75, Jeff Petrie '89,
Paul Culver '74, Dr. Steve Estes (curator),
Greer Pucket '75, a zoomie & a whoopoo

USNA Out and friends from other service academies gathered at the GLBT History Museum in San Francisco for the opening of "Out Ranks" - the first exhibit in the country to focus on the experiences of GLBT veterans and American military policy on homosexuality.

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6/02/2007 - USNA Out for CDR Zoe Dunning's Retirement


Tom Carpenter '70, Linda Postenrieder '82
Zoe Dunning '85, Steve Clark Hall '75,
and Jeff Petrie '89

USNA Out members gathered with our friends from other service academies at the Retirement of the USNA Out Vice President Commander Zoe Dunning '85.

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12/03/2005 - USNA Out does Army-Navy East & West


The East Coast Crowd

USNA Out members gathered with our SAGALA counterparts on both coasts to cheer on the Blue from the Brigade of Midshipmen as they took the lead 51-50 in the Army-Navy rivalry. Go Navy!

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10/12/2005 - USNA Out comes out for Army-Navy


The half-page SHIPMATE Ad

Twenty seven members of USNA Out personally cheered on the Brigade of Midshipmen in an advertisement submitted to SHIPMATE MAGAZINE.

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4/18/2005 - Logo Contest Over - OSCAR is for OUT!

International Code of Signals OSCAR

International Code of
Signals OSCAR

It's a winner. We've hijacked . . . ooops we mean hoisted the OSCAR Flag.

Many thanks to our graphic non-designer Steve Clark Hall '75 who while working as our webmaster began using the Oscar flag as a simple graphic for the 16 by 16 pixel "favicon" .... the little icon that appears in your browser URL window. It's official.

OSCAR is for OUT

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3/10/2005 - Members Approve Objectives and Mission Statement

By an overwhelming majority, the USNA Out membership approved the Objectives and Mission Statements which were developed at the “Meeting of Friends” held in January at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. Additionally, the organization name “USNA Out” was retained as our best identity with which to continue our mission.

Although there was well more than a quorum of votes cast, about 20 USNA Out members failed to vote.

Please keep your USNA Out contact data up to date!

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2/20/2005 - The long awaited USNA Out Logo Contest is OPEN!

2/20/2005 - The long awaited USNA Out Logo Contest is OPEN!

Open to anyone that wants to submit a logo design, whether or not you are a USNA Out member, whether or not you are a “professional” graphics designer. Entries are due by midnight Sunday April 17, 2005.


Open to anyone that wants to submit a logo design, whether or not you are a USNA Out member, whether or not you are a “professional” graphics designer.

The Rules

  • Design must be your own and not copied from any other source.
  • Logo entries cannot contain any copyrighted material
  • You may enter as many times as you like, and each or your entries will be in the gallery of designs to be posted on this website.
  • Entry must be in .jpg or .gif or .png format
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