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USNA Out Email Announcement List

USNA Out maintains an email roster for the purpose of communicating to our membership and stimulating discussion between our members. This roster is maintained semi-manually, not via direct PHP language script via this website, hence if you desire to be added or removed from the list, update your account data and should that fail please contact one of the administrators.

Membership “Dues”

There are no “dues” to join USNA Out. All members are encouraged, if possible, to make an annual “membership contribution” upon joining and annually each year prior to 31 March to help support the USNA Out mission. USNA Out members, please read the “Expectations of USNA Out Membership”.

USNA Out Member Biographies

To put a real face on who we are here at USNA Out, all USNA Out Members are strongly encouraged to create a "Biography Page" for inclusion on this USNA Out website where you may share your experiences as an Alumnus. But you must be a registered user and logged onto this site to create content, otherwise you will get a page in the forbidden zone.

To be Included in the Member Profile Pages

As good examples of a profile page, please look at the profiles for Lou Adissi, Joe Soto or Steve Hall. Your personal page will be formatted similar to the others as follows:

  • Name
  • Class
  • Homepage links (if any)
  • A brief but detailed Bio of you, your navy experiences and where you are now in life
  • Contact info ( will forward to an e-mail address of your choice).
  • Your favorite self photos. Suggested (and preferred) photos would include your Lucky Bag photo (or one as a midshipman), one while serving in the fleet, and one current.

Your profile may contain links and pictures as you prefer to include them. The best way to submit your photos is to upload them as you "create content" for you biography page. An alternate is to e-mail your pictures to

Please refrain from using your profile as an advertisement for any business or political campaign. Also please refrain from engaging in discussion that does not meet web posting guidelines of the USNA Out OPSMAN.

Please be patient after you create your biography page, as our webho, Steve, does the web work on an as-available time basis. You will be sent a "proof link" for your approval before your biography profile is indexed with the Faces of USNA Out.

USNA Out Member E-mail

Those members submitting Biographies will be assigned a masking e-mail address ( set up to forward your personal email. Forwarding addresses will be changed as needed to preclude spam and website security.

USNA Out Members - Keep Your Contact Data Up-To-Date!

USNA Out Members, please keep your contact data up to date by clicking on "My Account" on the left of this page.