06/11/2017 NorCal Pride Kickoff Get-together

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USNA Out members living in or visiting Northern California, please join other USNA Outers who will be gathering at the home our member Zoe Dunning '85 for our 2017 Pride Kickoff Get-Together. Zoe & Pam have a home high above Noe Valley. We'll enjoy beverages (BYO) and snacks (hosted) on the rooftop terrace. Being San Francisco, wear sunscreen and be prepared for a cool ocean breeze coming over Twin Peaks.

Event Details:

USNA Out USNA Out members please read event details on the members' only page

RSVP instructions on the members-only event page. If you are reading late-notice, come anyway as we won't have name tags nor assigned roof-top seating.

For those who neither ride bikes long distances or up really big hills, there is ample parking in Zoe's neighborhood.

If you know of other USNA Outers who are in the area who might have missed this invitation, please let them know about this great opportunity to kick off the Pride Season with other USNA Outers in San Francisco.

A very big thanks for Zoe & Pam for hosting!

If you are NOT in the Bay Area and would like to organize a gathering of USNA Out members in your region, please let us know and we will assist you in getting organized.

USNA Out USNA Out members please read event details at https://usnaout.org/mo/norcal-pride-2017