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NAVY SPECTRUM is an official extracurricular activity (ECA) at the United States Naval Academy designed to promote healthy working relationships amongst gay, straight, lesbian, and bisexual service members while also providing a safe environment for communication.

No other ECA at the Naval Academy focuses on gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues specifically. As graduates of the Naval Academy and Naval officers and officers of Marines, it is beneficial to understand how to deal with such matters and set the example in the fleet for others to follow.

Although USNA Out strongly supports the mission and objectives of this ECA, there is no official connection between USNA Out and the Spectrum ECA at the US Naval Academy.

Congratulations may be posted on the USNA Out Facebook Page.

A “Kickstart” for USNA Spectrum

In addition to asking our members to make their annual membership contribution, we are taking this opportunity of the exciting news of the Navy Spectrum to raise kickstarter funds for the new organization.

The new “Don't Ask, Don't Tell”

Per Joint Ethics Regulations and other DoD, Navy & USNA directives, Midshipmen and USNA staff are prohibited from asking anyone for financial support for the Spectrum. Likewise, once funds have been transferred from USNA Out to the USNA Spectrum, it is inappropriate for USNA Out and our individual members to tell the Spectrum how the gift funds shall be used. We trust that the Spectrum leadership will be good stewards of gifts received, encouraging continued generosity of our membership.

All USNA Out members and friends can take this opportunity to make a personal "Special USNA Out Contribution." We've set a high goal of 100% participation from USNA Out alumni members, at whatever level the member is capable and comfortable at contributing.

As usual, all gifts to the Spectrum via USNAOut or via the USNA Foundation are tax-deductible per IRS regulations.

Major Gifts

If you are considering making a “major gift” ($1000 or more) to the USNA Spectrum, we strongly recommend that you make your gift directly through the USNA Foundation. Your gift will be included in your lifetime giving to USNA and gifts of $2,500 or more per fiscal year will qualify you for USNA President's Circle recognition.

Note: Passthrough gifts made via the USNA Foundation may have 5% set aside for the USNA Annual Fund if the donor has not already made an annual fund contribution (by direct donation of through your class fund, etc.).

If you choose to make a gift to USNA Spectrum via the foundation, please let us know so that we may include your gift into the totals for USNA Out membership.

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