Oscar is for…




Man Overboard Drill

Lookout — Man Overboard! Port (or starboard) side!

OOD — Port (stbd) engine stop! Left (right) full rudder!
Sound six blasts on the ship’s whistle!
Sound one (two) blasts on the ship’s whistle!
Break the Oscar flag!
Bo’suns Mate! Where’s the Bo’suns mate?

Bo’suns Mate — Bo’suns Mate, aye, aye.

OOD — Take Charge!

Bo’suns Mate — Man number 3 (or 3) lifeboat!
Stand by the falls!
Lower away together; Stand by to let fall!
Let go the after fall!
Let go the forward fall!
Coxswain, take charge!

Coxswain — Stand by your oars!
Out Oars!
Cast off the sea painter!
Give way together!