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USNA Out members are encouraged to fulfill the MISSION of USNA Out by being role models.

To place your profile page onto the website, the website administrators will need to change your ROLL from Contributor to Author. This will give you access to the media library and allow for the publishing of your page. The administrators will then index your page

To get started, please contact us using the for link in the menu above.

Please use this format:

USNA ‘XX Use Heading 2 size

If you want to provide the public (or just members) a profile page, you will first need to contact the administrators who can then switch your “user role” to “Author” which then give you tickets to write PAGES.  The default role for all users is “Contributor” which only lets you write news & events POSTS.  We keep it this way so that 95% of our members don’t have cluttered screens.

This page is a basic template for setting up your profile page.  There are a few things to follow to ensure yours is consistent with the others.

If you want to put in a quote “from you” after it is written, highlight the quote and press the “block quote” button in the tool bar above the editing window.

Then your bio.

The featured image (your lucky bay photo) should be sized to be 150px high.  This needs to be manually sized.

If you want to allow outsiders to contact your directly from your page, last paragraph should read “Please feel free to contact [first name] here at USNA Out”

An editor will need to put the short your contact form at the bottom of your profile.  So let us know when your page is ready to go.

USNA Out ceased operations in 2022. This website has been archived for historical purposes.

USNA Pride, a Shared Interest Group of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, now serves the community of proud LGBTQ+ and allied alumni.

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