Expectations of Membership

We all have different life situations, and no one other than yourself knows how you can best utilize your current and future financial resources.

There is no financial expectation on the part of USNA Out Members for continued membership in USNA Out.

Members who wish to make cash contributions in amounts exceeding $2,500 in one calendar year are strongly encouraged to consider making your contributions directly to the US Naval Academy Foundation. Donations at this level and above qualify you as a member of the Foundation’s President’s Circle and will provide you with appropriate recognition for your generosity at that level.

USNA Out members and others who wish to make cash contributions directly to support USNA Out will have their gifts “pooled” with other USNA Out members. USNA Out can then use these unrestricted funds to fulfill our mission to the best of our abilities.

Other “Expectations of Membership”

There may be from time to time a need to have USNA Out members represent the organization to the general public. Your personal “story” is yours and yours alone. You should feel fully unrestricted in telling others about your experiences at the academy and as a commissioned officer after graduation and commissioning.

It is important that as individuals that we not misinform or mislead the public about USNA Out. Prior to speaking as a “representative” of USNA Out, please review the frequently asked questions so that you can become more familiar with our membership as an entity and with the appropriate responses to commonly asked questions about us.

If you do participate in any media interviews or discussions, please provide feedback if there were areas that others could benefit from your experience. Also feel free to ask for donations from sponsoring groups and others in attendance.

USNA Out ceased operations in 2022. This website has been archived for historical purposes.

USNA Pride, a Shared Interest Group of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, now serves the community of proud LGBTQ+ and allied alumni.

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