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Charlie Wood ’42.  A life-long supporter of LGBT rights.  Charlie was one of our first allies to join us. A resident of Spokane, Washington, upon retirement from the Navy, Charles began a second career as an Episcopal priest. In the 1980s, Charlie and his wife, Ann, joined the Spokane Chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and helped found Integrity, an LGBTQ advocacy group of the Episcopal Church. In 1992, Charles was the first clergy member to testify in front of Congress in support of allowing gays and lesbians to serve in the military.

Conrad Miller ’49. When Conrad joined us in July, 2010, he wished that “I had known about this organization before I became superannuated!” and when challenged for the secret handshake to prove that he graduated from USNA, “I’m a 1949 grad. How the hell can I remember my laundry number?” Conrad kept in close touch, letting us know how the others at his living facility were a bit “closed minded.”

Glen Davis ’76. Glen joined USNA Out in 2008. Prior to his last move to San Diego, he was quite proud that had a table with his name on it at the famous Twin Peaks Bar in San Francisco, AKA “The Glass Coffin.” Glen’s Obit at

David Lopez ’88.  David was a plank-owner member of USNA Out. He worked in the real estate business in Southern Florida.

If you were a former friend with any of our former members listed in our memoriam page and would like to contribute to their stories, please shoot your words to us so we can include them our our memoriam pages.


“…. for those who have gone before us”

Charlie Wood ’42 (12/28/2016)
Conrad Miller USNA ’49 (6/29/2016)*
Edward “Buddy” Lange USNA ’46 (2/1/2013)*
Robert Dalton Carter USNA ’53 (12/31/2009)
Glynn Compton Harper USNA ’58 (1/13/2010)*
David G Guthrie USNA ’59 (1/14/2011)[N]*
Bruce Albert USNA ’61 (10/8/2015)*
Ronald George Georgenson ’64 (4/16/2015)*
Hubert G “Hubie” Dorsett USNA ’66 (1/29/2010)*
Randall Wait Gailey USNA ’69 (2/21/69)
Valentino Santos USNA ’69 (11/9/05)*
John Harding Schilling USNA ’70 (11/4/94)
John Nickolas “RIP” Fliszar USNA ’71 (7/17/2010)[N]
Scott Francis Moss USNA ’72 (12/8/72)
Vernon Edward “Copy” Berg USNA ’74 (1/27/99)
Charles David Martin USNA ’74 (1/3/88)
Boyd Edward Graves USNA ’75 (6/18/09)
Paul Alan Pappish USNA ’75 (7/1/90)
Michael Louis Pray USNA ’75 (10/3/85)
Glen B Davis USNA ’76 (9/7/2016)*
Guy Randolph Langley USNA ’76 (7/1/05)
Chistopher Stewart Willson USNA ’77 (11/14/90)
Stephen Blake Jacoby USNA ’78 (10/5/91)
Raymond C “Rusty” Lee USNA ’79 (4/20/14)*
Cathleen Marian Thomas USNA ’81 (10/10/86)
Philip Keith Adams USNA ’83 (6/28/06)*
Mark Anthony Heitkemper USNA ’83 (7/15/94)
Robin McKinney USNA ’85 (4/26/2016)*
William Todd Park USNA ’85 (12/16/13)*
Frederick W. “Fritz” Smith USNA ’87 (3/18/2014)*
Curtis Wayne Hughes USNA ’88 (10/15/93)
Dave Lopez USNA ’88 (6/7/2017)*
Vann Alan Vickers USNA ’88 (4/15/94)
John Lowe Sewell USNA ’90 (11/13/14)*
Jeffrey Allen Trail USNA ’91 (4/29/97)
Travis Wilson Haire USNA ’00 (10/9/2015)[N]*

* former USNA Out member
[N]Interred at the Naval Academy Columbarium

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