William Todd Park { 196x – 2013 }

USNA ’85

It is with great sadness that we share the word that USNA Out member Todd Park ’85 passed away tonight in Seattle. Todd was diagnosed with leukemia in February and bravely fought to the end. Todd documented many of his battles in his blog “OMT! [Oh…My…Todd!] The Leukemia Chronicles.” Although Todd beat the leukemia and was cancer free after bone marrow transplants, complications from the treatment destroyed his lungs. He posted his last blog entry on Sunday night, the “epilog,” and refused to let go until his children could arrive from Salt Lake City.

Todd came to the Naval Academy from Salt Lake City. He was a member of the 20th company. After graduation he entered flight training and became a rotary wing pilot. He left the Navy after fourteen years of service and in November 2012 moved back home to Salt Lake City where he was always eager to meet other USNA Out alumni who were passing through. Todd shared with us that he didn’t understand his sexuality when he took the oath of office as a Midshipman, and it wasn’t until after he departed the navy that he came to terms with his sexuality. Todd joined USNA Out in November 2004.

Todd Park '85 in 2012
Todd Park in 2012

Todd wrote in his epilog:

I spoke with a dear friend today who asked me to elicit a promise. I’d say to that person and to you all the same words of Zach Sobiek: ‘Don’t wait to find out you’re dying to start living.’ You can honor my memory that way.

Todd was a good father, and inspirational writer and a gentle soul. Thank you, Todd, for living life to the fullest and reminding us to do the same. Fair winds and following seas our friend!

Todd has been entered into the USNA Out Memoriam.

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