Membership Eligibility and Categories

Regular Membership in USNA Out is open to all alumni of the Naval Academy, defined by the USNA Alumni Association as graduates and former midshipmen who did not graduate from the Academy, after the last Academy class of which they were a member has graduated, provided they are still on active duty or received a discharge under honorable conditions from the military. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis by the Board.

Joint Membership is offered to spouses/partners of Regular Members and surviving spouses/partners of deceased alumni.

Associate Membership is open to:

  • All Naval Academy Midshipmen
  • Former Midshipmen from classes not yet graduated
  • Current and former U.S. Naval Academy faculty/staff (civilian and military) and
  • Spouses of USNA Alumni
  • Parents of current and former midshipmen
  • Our friends from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Associate Membership for Naval Academy faculty/staff (civilian and military) does not expire when the associate member is no longer serving in the qualifying position.

Honorary Membership is offered to candidates selected by the USNA Out Board of Directors for individuals who do not otherwise qualify above but who have made a significant contribution to USNA Out

Supporters & Friends of USNA Out

USNA Out is an alumni association. As with alumni associations of other colleges and universities, membership is granted to alumni and associate membership is granted to specific categories of others directly related to the college or university. Others who do not qualify as associate members of USNA Out may continue to support us by joining us on Facebook and by making gifts to USNA Out which will directly benefit our membership.


There are no annual “dues” to become and remain a member of USNA Out. We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff and minimal expenses for the day to day operations of the organization. All members are encouraged, however, to make an annual membership contribution to help support the USNA Out mission.


We fully understand that some of our members need to control their privacy. As part of the online sign-up process, all prospective members have the choice to “opt-out” from the organizational roster. Their profile data (still required for membership verification) will only be available to our membership administrators [currently only Hall ’75]. Those who “opt-out” will still have full access to view the website as all other members, however, they will not be able to participate in online discussions.

All requests for membership are verified prior to providing access to the members’ areas of


The password on the next page is the name of the goat


USNA Out ceased operations in 2022. This website has been archived for historical purposes.

USNA Pride, a Shared Interest Group of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, now serves the community of proud LGBTQ+ and allied alumni.

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