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The Faces of USNA Out was a project begun in 2007 to put a public face on who these homosexual graduates and alumni of the US Naval Academy really were.

Rand Henderson '69
Rand Henderson ’69
Steve Clark Hall ’75
Greer Puckett ’75
Anthony Chiffolo ’81
Linda Posterieder '82
Linda Posterieder ’82
Joe Soto '83
Joe Soto ’83
Franklin McNeil, Jr. ‘83
Franklin McNeil, Jr. ‘83
Nan Russell ’86
Nan Russell ’86
Lou Adissi ’88
Jeff Petrie '89
Jeff Petrie ’89
Curt Mueller '93
Curt Mueller ’93
Gina Martyn '94
Gina Martyn ’94
Ward Olivete '95
Ward Olivete ’95
Skip Muller '96
Skip Muller ’96
Brian Wiechowski '97
Brian Wiechowski ’97
Erik Schmidt ’04
Jeff Morrison '04
Jeff Morrison ’04