Glen Davis {1953-2016}

USNA ‘76

Appointed from Kansas City, Missouri, to the Class of 1976; Senior Class Vice President. I wanted to fly helicopters and transfer to the Coast Guard to fly Search and Rescue.

After graduation Glen went from Coronado to Pensacola to Corpus Christi and then back to Coronado for the duration of my active duty service, mostly spent in Ship’s Company aboard USS RANGER (CV 61) homeported at NAS NORTH ISLAND.

Glen Davis ’76
Glen Davis ’76 in San Diego

Worked in manufacturing at Texas Instruments in Lubbock, and then moved to Northern California to work in the R&D labs at Intel, Corp, in the Photolithography area. Later he was employed at Litton, Electron Devices Division in Sales Engineering and later as the Program Manager for production and R&D of high powered Klystrons used in the AWACS radar systems. Initially, he was denied my security clearance by the DOD, apparently because it was felt that he was subject to blackmail. His clearance was finally approved on appeal, though not before he was put in the position of having to “come out” to his employers.

Glen Davis '76 in 2008
Glen Davis ’76 in 2008

Glen returned to San Diego in 2000, where he worked as a community volunteer and social worker, helping mentally ill homeless adults and seniors to connect with housing and resources.

Glen joined USNA Out in 2008. Prior to his last move to San Diego, he was quite proud that had a table with his name on it at the famous Twin Peaks Bar in San Francisco, AKA “The Glass Coffin.”

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