The “Clubs”

This is a [DRAFT] page and not ready for prime time, but is posted as a draft.

USNA Out encourages our members to re-associate with their Naval Academy past and join the USNA Out “clubs” from their USNA ECA's.


The Crew Club

Former Hubbard Hall oarsmen & Coxswains on the Navy Heavyweight Crew Team, the Navy Lightweight Crew Team and Navy Women's Crew Team.
USNA Out members: view the Team Roster

The Glee Club

Former members of the Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club, the USNA Gospel Choir, the Protestant Chapel Choir, the Catholic Chapel Choir and the Antiphonal Protestant Choir.
USNA Out members view the GLEE Club Roster

The Track Club

Former members of the Navy Men's Track & Field, Men's Cross Country , Women's Track & Field and Navy Women's Cross Country teams.
USNA Out members: view the Team Roster

Blue & Gold

USNA Out members who are Blue & Gold Officers


If your ECA is not listed, and you feel that there are others like you in USNA Out who would like to reconnect with your USNA past with the common interest of your sport or ECA, please step forward to be your “Club Master” by sending a note using the Contact tab above.