John Lowe Sewell { 1968- 2014 }

USNA ’90

John Lowe Sewell was Born April 24, 1968 in Landstuhl Germany. John grew up traveling the world with his Military family. Originally selecting Naval Flight Officer for a career, John was drafted into the Nuclear submarine program, graduating from the Naval Academy in 1990.

From John’s Luck Bag…

From the Rocky Blues, John came to drive ships and left with his own chauffeur.  Plebe year in 27 left many questions unanswered – tell us Clay.  Youngster year brought Deli sandwiches, the gourmet, and the problem to the room of elfin hostility.  The Ricketts parking space with your name on it, the missing Dude, and the “optional” liberty policy became John’s academic majors.  John Lowe will always be suave – with a rough summer in London and Bermuda, John became the man of fine wine talents, just in time!  We remember nights in Kahula, as well as children’s parks, Sewell music(?), Christmas decorations, road trips to the Carolinas, and the little one.  Also research with the fat man, accusations of GIOK, recursive jinxing war (That’s cool), Mr. Smith’s Stuff, a well earned supply buffet, and the NFO controversy.  Good luck Johnny O.  Keep your knots up and rho v high.  KJS, LJP.

John left the navy in 1995 to pursue a civilian career.  John was one of the original US Naval Academy graduates and alumni who formed the proposed “gay chapter” and assumed the position of the charter chapter’s Secretary.

John continued living in and traveling to every corner of the globe in his adult life. He was a man of honor and integrity who sensed beauty in all people and places. John was endlessly fascinated by the world he lived in. He was constantly exploring and learning about the various ways in which people chose to express themselves – whether it was music, art, literature, or dance. He worked hard, enjoyed cooking meals for other people, and smiled with his whole heart. John always found the joy in the simple gifts of life.

John died November 13, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. A Celebration of Life service was held at Seattle Unity Church on Thursday, November 20, 2014. John is survived by a loving Partner, Greg McKnight and many beloved friends and family members.

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