6/28/2009 – USNA Out members join Knights Out in SF Pride Parade

eirc shangle '97 & jim maguire '88

USNA Out leading the contingent

On Sunday June 28th 2009, the 40th anniversary of the historic Stonewall Riots, history was made once again as, for the first time, a service academy GLBT alumni group marched proudly and openly as an official contingent in a gay pride parade. Three members of USNA Out (Jim Maguire ’88, Eric Shangle ’97 and Greer Puckett ’75) were among the 35 total members, family and allies of Knights Out, West Point’s GLBT alumni organization, who marched up Market Street during Sunday morning’s San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

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6/27/2009 – Some USNA Outers Join in March to the White House

usna out members marching onto the white house

Jeff Petrie ’89
and Trey Rhiddlehoover ’89,
pose with other gay service
academy alumni at
Farragut Square 6/27/2009

Although most, if not all, of the USNA Out members want to see an early end to the outdated, cruel and harmful “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy, political activism is not within the primary mission of this alumni group. We are here for the support of each other and those who follow our footsteps as Midshipmen and Officers in the US Navy and Marine Corps.

As of June 27, 2009 there have been an estimated 265 LGBT discharges from the military since President Barack Obama took office. That equates to about two discharges per day. Eight USNA Out members were there the march to remind the Commander-in-Chief of his promise to change the policy that hurts our military and damages our nation’s international reputation. See Trey Rhiddlehoover ’89, and Jeff Petrie ’89 in the image taken with other gay service academy alumni in Farragut Square in downtown Washington, where the march began.

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6/1/2009 USNA Out at the Annapolis 10 Miler

Annapolis 10M 2008

USNA Out at the Annapolis
10 Mile Race in 2008

Registration is open for the Annapolis 10 Miler. http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?CHECKSSO=0&EVENT_ID=1724870 Since this is a great race registration fills up usually within 10 days, so sign up right now. It is well supported from the race directors, the town of Annapolis and the mids. The shirt for the finishers looks great and worth the price of running 10 miles. (Check out our jackets–festive!)

Please let me know when you do register or if you would like to participate in a supporting role as cheerleader or tailgater.

See you in Annapolis,

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