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  • Chair’s Welcome for 2018 – – DONE
  • Sails & Tales – – DONE
  • Dark Ages Mixer – – DONE
    6 May 18 – 10th Annual USNA Out Alumni & Midshipmen get together – – DONE
  • Navy Spectrum BBQ with Photos – – DONE
  • The SF Bay Area Pride Kickoff with Photos – – DONE
  • Popcorn from the Void – – DONE

What’s up with our members

  • Barb Wujciak ’84 – – DONE
  • Kris Moore ’13 – Founding Navy Spectrum President reports that he will be starting his assignment at USNA as part of the LEAD program this May. First year is grad school at GWU followed by 2 years as a Company Officer. BZ Kris!
  • CAPT Jarrett ’96 – – DONE

Become More Engaged

Are you willing and eager to take on a leadership role amongst your LGBT Alumni peers?
The USNA Out Board of Directors is comprised of members representing the diverse professional backgrounds and academy year groups of our membership. The Board of Directors, though inputs from our membership, provide the energy and guidance for the organization so that we can best fulfill our mission. The Board is also joined by non-voting Board Advisors who liaise with the US Naval Academy faculty, staff and midshipmen and other organizations. Please let one of our board members know that you want to step forward and contribute to make USNA Out the great organization that it is.

Last Call

Since our last newsletter, USNA Out has lost the following members:

  • Conrad Miller ’49 (6/29/2016) – When Conrad joined us in July, 2010, he wished that “I had known about this organization before I became superannuated!” and when challenged for the secret handshake to prove that he graduated from USNA, “I’m a 1949 grad. How the hell can I remember my laundry number?” Conrad kept in close touch, letting us know how the others at his living facility were a bit “closed minded.”. Read more about Conrad at
  • Glen Davis ’76 (9/7/2016) Glen joined USNA Out in 2008. Prior to his last move to San Diego, he was quite proud that had a table with his name on it at the famous Twin Peaks Bar in San Francisco, AKA “The Glass Coffin.” Glen was a varsity swimmer at USNA, and he shared his story participating in the Faces of USNA Out at Read more about Glen at
  • David Lopez ’87 (6/7/2017). David was a plank-owner member of USNA Out. He worked in the real estate business in Southern Florida. Read more at David at
  • Charlie Wood ’42 (12/2 8/2016). Charlie was one of our first allies to join us. A resident of Spokane, Washington, upon retirement from the Navy, Charles began a second career as an Episcopal priest. In the 1980s, Charlie and his wife, Ann, joined the Spokane Chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and helped found Integrity, an LGBTQ advocacy group of the Episcopal Church. In 1992, Charles was the first clergy member to testify in front of Congress in support of allowing gays and lesbians to serve in the military. Read more about Charlie at

Note: Suicide remains the number one cause of death amongst our members who have graduated less than 40 years ago.

Don’t Forget to RSVP

Don’t forget to RSVP for our annual grand event on Sunday 6 May!
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4/21/2010 – OUT of ANNAPOLIS Update

opening title sequence

OUT of ANNAPOLIS has been selected to screen at Frameline34, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, June17th – 27th, 2010. OUT of ANNAPOLIS has been scheduled to run in the largest festival venue, the Castro Theater on Saturday, 26 June at 11:00 am.

We’ll update the film website at as the film is scheduled to be screen at various venues throughout the summer.

You can read some of the previous updates:

  • – Update
  • – Update
  • – Update

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  • 4/7/2010 – the USNA Out Spring ’10 Newsletter (a publication without a name, yet)

    Hello Members of USNA Out,

    I’m excited to send the first newsletter of 2010 updating you on the many activities underway at USNA Out. We’ve been busy over the last winter – welcoming new members and board members, setting goals and dates, placing an ad in Shipmate, wrapping up a documentary, sadly mourning the loss of a member, and joining the Facebook and Twitter communication revolution!

    And to think Spring has only just arrived!

    Welcome Aboard!

    “Welcome Aboard” to the thirteen new USNA Out members who have joined us in the first three months of 2010! For those of you who have not logged onto our website recently, you will notice that we now have an “online roster” viewable by verified members who are logged onto the site. Thank you for posting your member info and uploading your photos, too. If you note classmate, teammates or friends who are notably absent from our roster, please have them join us at The “Faces of USNA Out” program continues, and a few new members’ profiles have been recently added. Become a role model for those who follow in our foot steps. Consider adding your personal USNA story to the collection of those already there.

    If you are one of the few who have not registered at our website, you won’t be able to see some of these links provided in this update, but you can register at

    Board of Directors

    Welcome to Heather Davies ’93 who just joined the USNA Out, Inc. Board of Directors. Any member of USNA Out who is willing to bring some talent, skill or energy to the organization is eligible to serve on the USNA Out Board of Directors. The reality in organizations such as ours is those who desire to get more involved will get more involved.

    Our Goals for 2010

    The Board of Directors for USNA Out, Inc, was established in December 2009 and has been meeting monthly. Achievable goals for this first year under the our new organization structure include:

  • Completing our organizational development.
  • Raising funds on behalf of the USNA Alumni Association for programs that would directly impact midshipmen.
  • Providing for USNA Out representation at President’s Circle events, Board of Trustees meetings and other events which would reflect well upon USNA Out Alumni and nurture our relationships with the Academy and the Alumni Association. This includes the development of speaking points for USNA Out members who attend these and other events.

    Do you have ideas for goals you believe USNA Out should pursue this year? The board would like to know! Please email with your ideas. Complete minutes of the board meetings are available for review on the USNA Out Members Only Tab.

    USNA Out, Inc., 501(c)(3) Status

    Our application to the IRS for a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status for USNA Out, Inc, was submitted at the end of 2009. We were given “conditional approval” in January 2010 and expect to receive our “final approval” from the IRS later this month. This status will allow USNA Out, Inc, to make a positive contributions to support the Mission of the US Naval Academy. The social and networking aspects of USNA Out fall outside the purview of USNA Out, Inc. and hence will remain non tax-deductible, however our true operating costs are basically non-existent covered through the volunteer work of our members as a team.

    May-June SHIPMATE

    USNA Out has placed this congratulatory note to the Class of 2010 for publication in the May-June SHIPMATE:

    Publication costs for this one-half page announcement were paid from “prospective profits” from our documentary feature OUT of ANNAPOLIS and not from any USNA Out nor USNA Out, Inc. funds.

    “OUT of ANNAPOLIS” Update

    I know Steve Hall ’75 is busy beyond belief in the final post production efforts to get the documentary film about us into the can. OUT of ANNAPOLIS has been entered into a select group of LGBT film festivals. We will make an announcement when we know the opening date and the schedule of screenings. The opening sequence is available for members to view on line at A big thanks for Heather Davies ’93 for providing such spectacular songs for the score of the film. Funding for this important project has come from sources outside of USNA Out and not from USNA Out funds. 122 of 198 invited took the “OUT of ANNAPOLIS Study” on the first round, I congratulate you on your great participation! The study, which is part of the story presented in the film, is expected to be completed by the end of this month. Any questions about the study, contact

    Hubert Dorsett ’66 passing

    It’s with great sadness that I report the passing of a long time USNA Out member, Hubert Dorsett ’66. His obituary appears in the March-April SHIPMATE. I encourage all of you to read Hubert’s own words which are on his Faces of USNA Out profile page at

    Join us on Facebook!

    Keep up with USNA Out on a real time basis by becoming a Fan of USNA Out on Facebook! Big thanks to Eric Shangle ’97 for taking the lead on this highly visible outlet for others to see who we really are.

    I am eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please contact me at or the board at

    Go Navy!


    [USNA Out members please read the Members Newsletter Addendum too!]

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