9/20/2011 – A Day to Remember

At midnight tonight (EDT) a new era for LGBT service in the military begins. No words can effectively express the special significance this end has to each and every one of us. I will spend the evening at the Stonewall Inn with close and new friends alike. Whether you participate in a joyous or just a quiet minute of reflection, enjoy the momentous occasion!!

Although a new beginning, the mission of USNA Out remains steadfastly the same, “Changing Minds & Lives of Alumni & Midshipmen.”

We have updated our website for this new age. The extensive revisions on our Gouge for Mids page were a very poignant reminder of how the policy was so horribly intertwined with the daily lives of midshipmen and junior officers. We still have a long way to go to achieve full equality and acceptance within the military, but change takes time and effort. I urge all of you to continue that effort, by remaining visible and active.

Many of our members are getting together Tuesday evening to celebrate, reflect and welcome in a new era. We have a list of locations of get-togethers on our website at http://usnaout.org/09202011-hats-dadt

Brian Bender
Chair, USNA Out, Inc.

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