9/28-10/1/2012 – ’77-’82-’92-’02 Reunion & PC Weekend

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Eric Shangle ’97 poses in front of
Mother “B”

A busy weekend – four class reunions, the USNA Foundation President’s Circle weekend and other activities including the dedication of a new women’s crew shell bring over 30 USNA Out members back to the Yard. Early arrivals began on Thursday.

Bill Hebert ’82 (front center)
and Linda Postenrieder ’82 at the
33rd herd get-together Friday

Class of ’82 Reunion

Bill Hebert (front center to Linda’s right) and Linda Postenrieder enjoyed an extraordinary evening at company mate Frank Gren’s newly minted home on Friday, Sept 27th. In addition to many of the ’82 members of the 33rd herd, guests included USNA Athletic Director Chet Gladchuck, Superintendent VADM Mike Miller, the COmmandant CAPT Robert Clark and Admiral Larson, the former Superintendent. It was an enchanted evening with tours of the newly finishes interior of this historic home.

The Superintendent, VADM Miller
provides an update to the weekend
reunion attendees

The class reunion and PC attendees all got the update from the Superintendent Admiral Miller staring with the number of views the 22nd Company spirit spot Gangnam style by 22nd company.

The afternoon included class meetings and for the PC members, briefings by midshipmen about their Plebe detail and summer cruise at NOLS experiences.

Steve Hall ’75 introduces
several members of the
Brigade staff to the CNO,
ADM Greenert ’75

The afternoon was capped by Parade reviewed by the CNO, Admiral Jonathan Greenert ’75. While the reunion attendees went to their class events, the PC members attended a garden party at the Superintendent’s home followed by a Brigade Musicians concert in the Chapel and an early evening in DTA.

A delightful brigade musicians concert finished up the long day on Friday

Steve Hall ’75 was honored to go
rowing with his Navy Lightweight Crew
“teammates” from the class of 2002
who were short one starboard oar

One Saturday morning, USNA Out members participated in a variety of class activities and the dedication of the Women’s crew shell honoring the 92-94 teams.

USNA Outers gater at the traditional
tailgate outside
the stadium before
and after the game

Morning events were soon followed by pre-game activities at the Navy-Marine Corps memorial Stadium. In addition to the many class tailgates, many of the rest of us USNA Outers made the visit to the tailgate hosed by USNA Outer Shawn James ’89 and his partner.

26 didn’t quite fit into the dining room, but close company was
fine with us

After the game, 26 USNA Outers gathered at Paul’s on West Street for an alumni & future alumni dinner, while a few others were continuing their reunion activities with classmates.

The Brigade listens to the Secretary of the Navy

The very long weekend ended with a Forrestal lecture in Alumni Hall with the guest speaker being the Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Ray Mabus. In his talk to the brigade, he included the words: “It doesn’t matter who you love as long as you love your country.”
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