2012 – USNA Out and the USNA Foundation

USNA Out members,

The first objective of our group is to become visible to alumni, midshipmen, classmates, other officers, and the public. To achieve that objective, we have long considered the value of increased visibility from donating to the Naval Academy Foundation. A USNA Out goal in 2011 was to make a Foundation to Foundation gift at the President’s Circle level ($2,500). Through the generosity of our members and significant efforts of a few to secure corporate grants, we raised enough funds to support our operations and make a gift to the USNA Foundation a reality.

A Foundation to Foundation gift is a significant step for our organization and you, the members, will determine how we proceed. That is why I am asking each of you to vote on whether or not USNA Out should make a donation and (if yes) what initiative we should fund.

Your perspective as a member is important. You can read the previous membership discussions open to all USNA Out members at http://usnaout.org/2012-usna-foundation-membership. In addition, you can read “Pro” and “Con” positions on this page.

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