10/4/2010 – Blue-Alliance Launches new Website

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the New Blue-Alliance.org website home page

The Blue-Alliance, our counterpart alumni association at the U. S. Air Force Academy has just launched an all-new website. The Blue-Alliance was founded in 2007. We congratulate the Blue-Alliance for establishing this visible web presence and wish them continued success in their mission.

Because our webmasters are now sharing concepts and challenging each other’s creativity, USNA Out will also benefit from the added energy of the Blue Alliance web development team. Visit their website and get to know and understand our counterparts of the U. S. Air Force.

Go Navy!
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10/4/2010 – Gay Suicides & USNA

In light of the Tyler Clementi (Rutgers/GWB) incident, USNA Out has added some stronger wording to our “Gouge for Mids” page to emphasize the availability of mental health services for Midshipmen at USNA.

There are only two confirmed and one suspected suicides among Naval Academy LGBT Alumni, all in an era when homosexuality was considered quite differently than in today’s society. This is not saying that it is any easier for some today to come with the understanding of who they are, but the available resources to those “questioning” are vastly improved.

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