6/29/2012 – Steve & Paul’s Frameline 36 Film Festival Favorites

What does USNA Out have to do with the film festivals? Not much, other than our own film OUT of ANNAPOLIS had its West Coast Premeir at Frameline 34 and did the full LGBT film festival circuit, and we know firsthand how films can change lives and minds.

This year’s festival at Frameline was another good one. Only a few films caught our attention that we could jump up and down about them. None of the films we screened had any direct or indirect academy or alumni link.

Here are a few of our favorites that we think other USNA Out members might find interesting and we would encourage you to try to fiind a venue near you where you, too, can see some of these important, enlightening or fun films.

Important films to see

Vito – and HBO Documentary about Vito Russo. Russo was the author of the book The Celluloid Closet which became an academy award winning Documentary film. Although this film’s intent is to document the life Vito Russo, it is the other stories told which were part of the histories

If you are under 30 and want to get a better understanding on how and why your parents think of gays and lesbians in the way that they do, this film will help you get an appreciation of how the media availble to your parents’ generation so formed their views of who we are.

Vito will be shown on HBO on

The 2012 festival Favorites

Best Documentary: Call Me Kintu
If you think you’ve had it bad being LGBT here in the US, imagine living as a sexual minority in Uganda, where there have been several attempts to outlaw being LGBT to the extent that parents must turn in their own children within hours of learning their child’s sexual identity or also face punishment. This documentary film is so powerful that we expect to be seeing it go far in the world of film.

Best Feature: Cloudburst

Best Short Film: Tsuyako
In Japanese with English subtitles

Juried Best Documentary: The Invisible Men

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