Coming 3/27/2014 – OUT of ANNAPOLIS Goes Full Circle to the Annapolis Film Festival

We are excited that our documentary film OUT of ANNAPOLIS has been chosen to be a part of the 2014 Annapolis Film Festival (AFF)! With this screening, the film has gone full circle through the film festival circuit from the world premier in New York and the spectacular screening in the Castro Theatre of San Francisco in Frameline 33.

The screening of OUT of ANNAPOLIS will be at 3pm on Saturday, March 29, at the Compass Rose Theater, a 75 seat venue – intimate and a great setting for discussion. OUT of ANNAPOLIS is one of three films in an LGBT series which will also include The New Black and a documentary biographical portrait of Harris Glenn Milstead, the star actor of many films by Baltimore director John Waters, I Am Divine.

For more details about the Annapolis Film Festival, visit the Annapolis Film Festival Website

The OUT of ANNAPOLIS Project


The largest study ever conducted about LGBT Officers in the United States Navy and an accompanying documentary film.

The “OUT of ANNAPOLIS” project began in summer 2008, an undertaking with every aspect of the project being performed by USNA Out members. The project includes both the largest study ever conducted of the LGBT Officers in the Navy and an accompanying 71 minute documentary film.

OUT of ANNAPOLIS chronicles the experiences of dozens of LGBT alumni – from diverse eras, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and warfare specialties – all through interviews, live footage, photos, and supporting facts and figures. The film aims to educate by providing a factual and representative account of the Naval Academy and military experiences of LGBT alumni, both before and during the era of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The film is currently being exhibited in selected film festivals in markets throughout the United States.

The “OUT of ANNAPOLIS” Study provided an in-depth look at who the LGBT alumni are as a group. This summary represents considerations from more than 200 alumni to date.

The most important finding in the study:

The overwhelming majority of those Midshipmen, former Midshipmen and alumni who now identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender did not identify as such when they entered the service. They were “on their own” to go through the “coming out process” while in the close quarters and sometimes unwelcoming environment of the Naval Academy or the fleet, with little resources and few others like themselves with whom they could confide.

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