USNA Out Member Leads Fight to Maintain Rights in Oregon

Photo above: Jim(r) with partner

The mission of the U. S. Naval Academy includes providing graduates who in mind and character can assume the highest responsibilities of citizenship and government. USNA Out Member Jim Maguire (on right in photo to left) has been fulfilling this role in Oregon as he fights for equal rights.

Jim may soon have a big fight coming to keep two recently passed laws from being overturned. He was appointed
to the City of Beaverton’s Human Rights Advisory Commission in 2002 and elected Chair by his peers in 2003, staying Chair until he had to resign when he and his partner Josh bought a house and moved to Hillsboro, Oregon. He is now a founding member of the Human Rights Council of Washington County.

Jim says “The more who know about what we’re fighting for in Oregon, the better. The Academy always said it wanted to train future leaders of men”

Jim Maguire tells in his quest for a true life in the Oregonian, read the online Oregonian Story

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