It’s the LGBT Film Festival Time of Year

Here is a great reason to get USNA Outers together in your area.  Get Out and See a Movie!

16 June kicked off the LGBT Film Festival season, the opening night film at Frameline (where our film Out of Annapolis screened in 2010) was TransMilitary, which premiered at SXSW in Austin.  The film will be coming to Washington DC and New York City on Sunday June 17th and Tuesday June 19th, respectively.

The film follows the lives of four transgender personnel, three in the Army, including a West Point grad, and one in the Air Force.  You’ll experience the courage, hard work and dedication by many individuals who were crucially influential to get the policy (currently being challenged) changed to allow for transgender service.

This film will be added to our filmography list of films of interest to the LGBT military community.

Other Films of Military Interest or Just Fun

Films for All

Alone in the Game – Although not about the military, some of the “expert” tasing heads were the same individuals involved with the repeal of DADT.  Professional sport has some strong similarities with military service.  This film follows gay, lesbian and transgender professional athletes and exposes their challenges as being LGBT.

At USNA, the only men’s sport for which we know that there have been “out varsity athletes” is mens gymnastics.  Other varsity athletes have waited until the end of their varsity careers before coming out. (If you know of exceptions to this, please let us know).

Alone in the game premiers on Thursday, June 28 on  AT&T Audience.

Men’s Films


The Man in the Orange Suit – slight military connection – charming film from the UK, was broadcast on PBS on Sunday, 17 June, can be streamed.  See

Shorts:  None.

Women’s Films

Features: None

Shorts:  None.



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