“Casting Call” for “Out of Annapolis”

It’s a go! “Out Of Annapolis” will begin filming in November 2008. Leave it to a group of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual US Naval Academy alumni to put together a major team effort for producing a documentary film. The production staff will consist entirely of USNA Alumni and their partners.

This film will explore the lives of the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual US Naval Academy alumni, most who still have very strong ties to the academy. They will share their experiences of living within the policies of gays in the military, both pre- and post- Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell and share how the policies so affected their lives and careers.

Filming is expected to last four and a half months, from November until February, 2009. The target date for release is June, 2009. These dates may move based on the ability to obtain raw footage and complete the post-production work.

“Casting Call” will continue until the film goes into post-production in March, 2009. In addition to on-screen interviews, there is a need to conduct “off-screen” interviews with as many LGBT Alumni as possible to more accurately establish an identity as to who we really are. It’s not too late to get a role in the film. USNA Out members and other LGBT US Naval Academy alumni who are interested in participating should contact USNA Out member Steve Clark Hall who is heading up the production team.

Updates and film details as they develop will be listed at https://outofannapolis.com.

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