Bravo Zulu

Captain Jarrett send us this:

“Hello to everyone from the peanut gallery here.

Just a couple of items to mention some of our alumni who are doing great things in the fleet 

CAPT (Sel) Dave Wolynski ’97CDR Dave Wolynski ’97 was recently selected for O-6 in the Intel community. Dave is still awaiting orders as the dust settles after the community selection board.

Jason Knox ’03

LCDR Jason Knox ’03 was selected for O-5. He’s currently in DC as a Defense Fellow on the Hill. He should be slated for a future command at sea assignment in the coming months.

CDR Andy Koy ’01

CDR Andy Koy ’01 recently started his assignment as XO in USS STERETT (DDG 104) (San Diego). As all will go well, he’ll fleet-up to CO in about 18 months or so.

I know there are likely many others doing great things as well, but these are just a couple that I picked up on the radar with some recent newsworthy accomplishments.


Rich Jarrett”

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